Please be informed that the deadline of final submission of the whole textile technology project including your evaluation, your revised product study, design, plan and modification to final design will be on Nov 15, 2013.

You all will be having Computer Technology with Mr. Will Chau from 22 Nov, 2013. Please go to room 419 and then to Linrary for your CT class on 22 Nov, 2013.

Hi, Y7 Care! Now we start Textile Technology unit, "Voyage Bag". The task sheet and learning schedule are uploaded.

Please do the product study and design brief. You need to submit them to Ms. Cheung on Sep 12.

Please finish the design specification and the design stage. Submit them to Ms. Cheung on Sep 27.

Please finish you plan stage and modification to final design. Submit them to Ms. Cheung on or before Oct 18 2013.

Please finish your evaluation of the bag making. Submit them to Ms. Cheung on or before Nov 15, 2013.

Starting from Sep 27, you will be given about THREE Technology lessons to work on your bag creation. Here are the videos of making bags.
You need to finish you bag and submit it to me on Oct 18.

Video of Setting up the Sewing Machine

Video of Making a zip bag

Video of Making a bag with hook and loop

Video of Making a drawstring bag