Evaluation Stage
Please finish the evaluation stage and submit the whole Textile Technology File to me via edmodo on 14 March, 2013.

You are going to have Computer Technology in room 802 on 14 March, 2013.

Create Stage
In your plan, you are required to create a bag according to your plan stage and final design.
You need to use sewing machine to sew the bag and attach fastenings (eg. zipper, buttons, hook and loop) on your bag.
You can hand-stitch any decorations and repair some broken parts in your bag.
Lastly, you can also use heat-transfer machine and heat transfer paper to print some pattern on the bag.
      • You can not use any normal A4 paper for the heat transfer skill.

Video of Heat Transfer Skill

Video of making a bag with zipper

Video of hand-sewing a button

For the process journal, you must record the date, place, and the steps you made during the production with visual evidence. Besides, you have to mention and explain those changes made to final design and plan under the tilte "MODIFICATION TO FINAL DESIGN AND PLAN"

Deadline of the bag produced and process journal: 28/2/2013
Submit the process journal via edmodo on/ before 28/2/2013

Plan Stage
In your plan, you are required to

1) make a time and resources plan, telling me the steps with time and resources, eg. tools and equipment, materials, in detail. It will be better if you can include any check points and safety concern.

2) make a timeline, telling me the proposed finish date of every step.

3) evaluate your plan, analyze the pros and cons of you plan, figure out any possible difficulties and some solutions to solve this foreseeable problems.

In your plan stage, you should include the following things

1) a brief introduction

2) a time and resources plan

3) a timeline/ flow chart

4) a plan evaluation

Deadline: 24/1/2013

Design Stage

For the design stage, you are required to

1. Design at least 2 designs of bags

2. Write a description of the 2 designs and compare them among each other against design specification in a table.

3. Choose 1 design as a final design or justify the design, color it and show it in full dimension.

4. Write a description titled “final design and justification” to tell me the reason why it can be your final choice and describe the final design.

In your design stage, you should include the following things

1) at least 2 pieces of design descriptions ( 1 piece for 1 design)

2) comparison of the 3 designs against design specifications

3) a colored final design in full dimension

4) final design and justification (describe the final design and explain the reason why you choose or modify it as your final design)

Deadline: 17/1/2013

Investigate Stage

Design Brief, Design Specification and Product test plan

Here come to the last part of the investigate stage, you are required to make a design brief, design specification and product test plan.

Design Brief is presented when a problem has been identified and discussed in detail in research. The brief is a short statement of intent.

Design specification is likely to show
1) what types of materials are preferred,
2) the function of the product,
3) Maximum or minimum dimensions,
4) general shape and form of the product,
5)special considerations or constraints required by the customer.

Product test plan is a plan to describe how the product are tested against the design specifications.

For the details of the design brief, design specification and product test plan, please refer to .

You should finish the design brief, design specification and product test plan in iBook author and submit to Ms. Cheung on 10/1/2013.

Besides, you need to submit all your work in iBook author format. Therefore, you need to install the iBook author in your MacBook and create a iBook author file for Textile Technology.

After you open a file,

1) Please provide the following information in the "book title"

a) Your Name ( Preferred Name + Surname, eg Catherine Cheung)

b) Your Homeroom (7 Peace or 7P)

c) Your School Name (Victoria Shanghai Academy)

d) Unit Name (Bag Production)

e) Subject Name (Textile Technology)

2) Please add five chapters and rename them as follow.

a) Chapter 1 --- Investigate Stage

b) Chapter 2 --- Design Stage

c) Chapter 3 --- Plan Stage

d) Chapter 4 --- Create Stage

e) Chapter 5 --- Evaluate Stage

3) Then, add sections in Chapter 1

a) Section 1 --- Mindmap

b) Section 2 --- Research

d) Section 3 --- Design Brief and specification

e) Section 4 --- Product test plan

All in iBook author format.

Due Date: 10/1/2013

Dear all Y7P students,

Welcome to Year 7 Textile Technology this year. Starting from this year, you need to do all your Technology work in iBook and submit it in iBook via email or air-drop.

This year, you're required to do a Textile Technology project under a unit "Bag Production". In Textile Technology, you are required to design and make a small bag. For the details of the unit and task, please refer to the following file.

For the Schedule of Y7 Textile Technology, please refer to

Class work:
Please form a group of 3 - 4 people, develop a mind map with the unit title "Bag Production" and then do some research to investigate more information on Bags. You need to present your research in PowerPoints, iBook, word doc., etc., on Dec 20, 2012 (next Wed).

In the research, you may find
1) The function of bags
2) The types of bags
3) The ways of making bags
4) The opening or the fastening that can be applied on bag production

Don't forget to include a list of bibliography to show the source of information. For the guideline of making a correct bibliography, please refer to
File Not Found
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. Here is the sample of the bibliography.

Sample of bibliography.png

Reminder for class and the assignment
Group Presentation: Research on bag production.
Date: 20/12/2012