Please finish the survey.

Hi, Y6 Trust ! Now we start Textile Technology unit, "Tablemat Creation". The task sheet and learning schedule are uploaded.

You need to develop a list of design specification, draw Two Design Drafts and a final design, explain the final design justification. The deadline of these are 12 Sep 12 2013.

The deadline of FINAL DESIGN DRAWING is 12 Sep, 2013.

Please submit the design work and design specification via Managebac before the deadline 12 Sep, 2013.

After finish making the tablemat, you need to develop the plan and write the modification to the final design.
Please submit your plan and the modification to final design to me via managebac on/before 31 Oct, 2013.

You are required to finish the evaluation of table-mat making. The deadline is Nov 7, 2013.

Besides, you need to search a home textile item containing care label, take pictures of the product like the followings and bring them next lesson (Nov 7, 2013).
Please finish the whole product study and design brief. The deadline is 14 Nov, 2013.

For the creation of the citation in MLA format, please refer to

In the design brief, you need to
a) present the problem identified and discussed in details.
b) write a statement of intent. (eg. design and make a pewter pendant which can

help people know the name of my dog)

c) present the analysis of the product study.
Remarks. Each aspect of the brief can be researched in details in product study.



Workshop Video - Tablemat Making
Hem Making