Please finish the survey.

Here is the rubrics and instruction of TT Summative Assessment, please take a look. Bring colour pencil, ruler, pen, pencil, rubber and correction pen for the assessment.

Criterion D: Evaluating

You are required to finish the evaluation of table-mat making. The deadline is May 23, 2014.

Dear all,

Here is the Textile 6R Technology Learning Schedule. It shows you the timeline and the content of each lesson. Please take a look.

Criterion C: Creating the solution

After finish making the tablemat, you need to develop the plan and write the modification to the final design.
Please submit your plan and the modification to final design to me via managebac on/before 8 April, 2014.

After the design, you have 3 double lessons to create your tablemat according to your final design. Please refer to the workshop video and finish the product.
Workshop Video - Tablemat Making

Video of Setting up the Sewing Machine
Hem Making

Criterion B: Developing ideas

You need to develop a list of design specification, draw Two Design Drafts and a final design, explain the final design justification.

The deadline of the design specification and design stage: 13 March 2014 (Managebac)

Dear all 6 Respect, now we start Textile Technology unit, "Tablemat Creation" . Here are the Task Sheet and Learning Schedule. Please take a look.