Design Stage
For the design stage, you are required to
1. collect at least 10 pictures of bags and place them in a word document for brainstorming
2. Design at least 3 designs of cookies bag with at least 1 opening, eg. Zippers, buttons and hook and loop.
3. Write a description of the 3 designs and compare them among each other in a table.
4. Choose 1 design as a final design or justify the design, color it and show it in full dimension.
5. Write a description titled “final design and justification” to tell me the reason why it can be your final choice and describe the final design.

In your design stage, you should include the following things
1) at least 3 designs drawings or pictures showing the front and back view of your designs
2) at least 3 pieces of design descriptions ( 1 piece for 1 design)
3) comparison of the 3 designs against design specifications
4) a colored final design in full dimension
5) final design and jusifciation (describe the final design and explain the reason why you choose or modify it as your final design)

Plan Stage
In your plan, you are required to
1) make a production plan, telling me the steps with time and resources, eg. tools and equipment, materials, in detail. It will be better if you can include any check points and safety concern.
2) make a timeline, telling me the proposed finish date of every step.
3) evaluate your plan, analyise the pros and cons of you plan, figure out any possible difficulties and some solutions to solve this foreseeable problems.

In your plan stage, you should include the following things
1) a brief introduction
2) a production plan
3) a timeline/ flow chart
4) a plan evaluation

Create Stage
In create stage, you are required to
1) make cookies bag
Create your product according to your plan but you can make changes if necessary.
2) Do a process journal
You have to record all your work in create stage in process journal with pictures or video.
State the steps in detail, explain them with pictures, provide the date as well.
All these changes must be stated and explained clearly in the process journal.
Lastly, you should provide pictures showing the front and back view of your final product.

For the sample of Create Stage, you may refer to

Deadline for the create stage

Y8 Joy : 20/4/2011

Y8 Care : 20/4/2011

Investigation Stage
In Investigation Stage, you are required to
1) Write a Design Brief
2) State all Design Specifications with reasons
3) Provide a Product Test Plan that test against all the design specification
4) Bibliography

Here comes to the Food technology part. You have to do the investigation stage first.

In the investigation stage,
You need to do the design brief, design specifications, product test plan and bibliography.

Design brief
You need to use about 300 words to include the following points. You should use some evidence to support your idea. Do remember to state the bibliography at the end of your investigation.

1) Define what cookies are
2) Define the words ‘elderly’
3) Mention old people’s common health problems and their dietary needs
4) tell me you are going to make cookies for elderly with your classmates, mention you classmate’s name.
5) mention how many people in your group (2/3 people?)
6) tell me that you are going to spend 110 minutes, double lessons to make the cookies
7) list 3 aims of the cookies: show your care to the elderly….

Design Specifications
You should state at least 5 design specifications under essential criteria and at least 3 design specification under desirable criteria. Remember to explain all the design specifications. You may also use some evidence online to support your explanation. Do remember to state the bibliography at the end of your investigation.

Essential Criteria means it is a compulsory item, a 'must have' item in the product or design.
Desirable criteria means it is an optional item in the product or design. If you cannot include these items in the product, it won't significantly affect the success of the product.

Useful Terms for reference:
Nutritive requirements of ingredients used : low in fat, sugar, and salt content, high in dietary fibre, high in calcium....

Texture of cookies: crisp, chewy, smooth, creamy, rough, tender, sticky, soft, springy....

Smell of cookies: Fruity, weak, strong, vanilla smell, yeasty....

Flavour of cookies: bitter, sweet, sour, spicy, savoury, nutty, bland.....

Appearance of cookies: Dry, firm, greasy, hard, moist, round, square, bone-shaped, heart-shaped, triangle....

Color of cookies: light brown, golden brown, dark...

Product Test Plan
You should prepare a product test plan in investigation for your evaluation. In your product test plan, please include
1) a brief introduction
You should ask at least 5 people to taste your cookies and do the survey for product test.
mention the way how you do the product test, the aims of test, and the criteria of success

2) a sample of your survey
see the example.

Last but not least, find a cookies recipes and submit to the recipe (one group one recipe) and the whole investigation stage (design brief, deign spec, product test plan and bibliography) to me on 16/5/2011(Mon) for the practical lessons in the week 16-20/5/2011.

Besides, form a group of maxium 3 people and search 1 cookies receipe for plan and create stage.

Deadline for the Investigation stage

Y8 Joy : 16/5/2011
Y8 Care : 16/5/2011

Plan and Create Stage
In the create stage, you are required to make the cookies in double lessons.
School will provide you baking powder, white flour, whole wheat flour, butter, milk, egg (max 2 for each group), vanilla essence, chocolate chips, coco powder, mixed nuts and the basic equipment eg. baking tray, baking sheet, mixing bowls, blender. If you want or need other ingredients or tools, you may have to bring it yourself.

You have to bring the apron, food box or container, receipe, and special ingredients and equipments to the school on the date of the practical lesson.

Submit your process journal (one for each group) to me on 27/5/2011 with your evaluation stage.

For the details of the process journal please refer to

Practical Lessons:
Y8 Joy: 20/5
Y8 Care: 16/5

Evaluation Stage
In this stage, you have to
1) do the product test
summarize the test and show the result in a chart.
2) evaluate the product
3) evaluate your work in investigate stage, create stage and evaluation stage
4) write some impacts that the product may bring to the society.

Deadline :
Y8 Joy: 30/5
Y8 Care: 30/5

Please arrange the FT folder in the following order when you submit it to me on or before 27/5.

1) Cover (with your name, homeroom, subject name, submit date)
2) investigation stage/ file divider
3) design brief
4) design specification
5) product test plan
6) bibliography/reference
7) create stage/ file divider
8) process journal
9) evaluation stage/ file divider
10)evaluation introduction
11) product test result and analysis
12) reflection of your preformance in all stages
13) impact of cookies that may bring to the school and society

After the Pixar Visit, you have to write a report.

In the report (5-15 Pages/Slides, including cover page, pictures, content and bibliography), please include the following things.

1) What is Pixar?
2) What did you see in Pixar 3D animation Exhibition ?
3) What kind of things you like most in Pixar?
4) What is 3D animation? How does in used in Pixar exhibition?
5) Reflection of the visit
5a) What did you learn in this visit?
5b) Does the visit increase you understanding about technology?
5c) Does the visit increase you interest of technology?
5d) How do you find about this visit?

Last but not least, please submit your report in PPT or word to technology teachers before 27/6/2011 (monday).