Investigation Stage
In this stage, you have to work on

Start to do your mind map under the topic 'Promote Healthy Eating'

You can use the software on to create your mind map

For your research, you can take the reference of .
Follow the example and finish the research.
Do under the following topics and eah topics write in about 100-300 words.
1. Poor Eating Habit of People, eg. snacking, skipping breakfast, eating junk food.
Tell me what is the poor eating habit?
what is the conseequences of the poor eating habit?
what is the current sitation of the poor eating habit? eg 20% teens in HK skips meals 2 times a week.
what are the factor of the poor eating habit? eg. They do not eat enough fruit because they always eat out.

2. Find the information about doll making, eg. ways of dolls making, the materials used, the technique....
3. Introduce healthy food, eg. Kiwi fruit, blueberry, choi sum, rice…..
(you will make your mobile display based on the healthy food)
Tell me what is the nutrient contained in that food,eg. proteins, vitamins B complex,
what are the benefit of eating that fruit? eg. make our bodies healthier, lower the risk of being sick.
Provide a correct bibliography at the end. Refer to the school citation guide **** and record down the source you found.
For the detail of the mood board, design brief, design specification and product test plan, please refer to the attachment.

Design Stage

1. Design at least 3 designs of mobile display
2. Write a description of the 3 designs and compare them among each other in a table against the design specification.

3. Choose 1 design as a final design or justify the designs, color it and show it in full dimension.(refer to design sample)

4. Write a description titled “final design and justification” to tell me the reason why it can be your final choice and describe the final design.

Plan Stage
In your plan, you are required to
1. create a production plan and time plan (for the format, please refer to the attachment )
2. provide a number of detailed, logical steps(refers to the attachment) that describe the use of resources and time.
3. Evaluate your plan in terms of the efficiency.

For the details, you may refer to the documents below.
Create Stage
In create stage, you are required to
1) make your mobile display
Create your product according to your plan but you can make changes if necessary.
2) Do a process journal
You have to record all your work in create stage in process journal with pictures or video.
State the steps in detail, explain them with pictures, provide the date.
All these changes must be stated and explained clearly in the process journal.
Lastly, you should provide pictures showing the front and back view of your final product.

Date of the Create Stage
Y7 Peace: 6/5 (2 lessons), 12/5 (2 lessons), 16/5 (2 lessons) and 20/5 (1 lesson)
Y7 Trust: 6/5 (2 lessons), 9/5 (2 lessons), 12/5( 1 lesson), 16/5 (1 lesson) and 20/5 (2 lessons)

Deadline for the Create Stage:
Y7 Peace : 23/5/2011
Y7 Trust : 23/5/2011

Evaluation Stage
In your evaluation, you are required to
1) DO product test
You have to do the product test that you prepared in the investigation stage. Please observe your mobile display and do the check list, compare the result of the test and the criteria of success, make a conclusion that the mobile display is or is not sucessful.
2) Evaluate your product
Tell me that any good or bad things about your product. Give suggestions for improvement.
3) REFLECT your work on all stages
You have to write down the good things and not good work in the all stages( investigation, design, plan, create and evaluate)
4) Discuss the effect of promoting healthy eating
Tell me how the society, school, family and individuals will be influenced by your mobile display and start or continue healthy eating.
For the sample of Evaluation Stage, you may refer to .

Deadline for the Evaluation Stage:
Y7 Peace : 27/5/2011
Y7 Trust : 27/5/2011

Reminder for the whole assignement

You have to submit all your work in the five stages at the end of the ten weeks. Here is the check list for you. Do not miss any of them.

Criteria A Investigate
1. Introduction
2. Mindmap
3. Research
4. Mood board
5. Design Brief
6. Design Specification
7. Product Test
File Divider
Criteria B Design
  • At least three Designs with descriptions, analysis and checking against specification
  • Final Design drawings – color the drawing – title – show scale
  • Justification of final design

File Divider
Criteria C Plan
  • Introduction to plan
  • Production plan include the Processes, tools and materials
  • Time line

File Divider
Criteria D Create
  • A dated and illustrated Process Journal
  • modifications to the design with explanation
  • A photo of the finished product (front and back view)

File Divider
Criteria E Evaluate
  • Product Test Result and anaylsis
  • Evaulate the product
  • Evaulate your preformance in all stages
  • State the impacts to the society

Y7 Peace : 27/5/2011
Y7 Trust : 27/5/2011

After the Hang Heung Factory visit, all the students should write a report about it.

In the report, please include the following things.

1) What is Winter melon pastry?
2) Why is it called "Wife cake"?
3) How is it made? (list the ingredients, the cooking method, such as baking and pan-frying)
4) What is the nutritional value of winter melon pastry? Is it a healthy food? Can people eat the pastry regularly?
5) Reflection of the visit
5a) What did you learn in this visit?
5b) Does the visit increase you understanding about food technology?
5c) Does the visit increase you interst of Chinese culture or/and food technology?
5d) How do you find about this visit?

Last but not least, please submit your report in PPT or word to technology teachers before 27/6/2011 (monday).

If you any questions about the assignment, please feel free to ask Ms. Cheung in person or via email.