Investigation Stage

Guiding Questions for investigation
1. What are the environmental problems that human faces?
2. What are the methods / ways of re-deigning the T-shirt?
3. What are the materials that can be used for designing the T-shirt?
4. What is sustainable design?
5. The information about recycling clothes?
6. What is the latest fashion trend?
7. What are the themes that can I used for arousing people’s environmental awareness?

Primary research is collecting data from the real world. You can (1)do a survey, (2)do an experiment, or (3)do interviews or (4) do an observation and write a report. Choose one of them only. Please present the data, the result, discuss the findings, analyise the result and apply them in your investigation in 3-5 pages with font 12.
If you are doing a survey, please include the following part in your survey.
1) Introduction (tell the others who you are, what you are doing, what your topic is, why you are doing the survey, thank the participant for doing the survey.
2) asking for the demographic information, eg. age, gender, job/occupation, household income, pocket money......
3) asking for the questions under your topic to get your findings
4) ask more than 10 people to get your data.
5) show your survey data, analyise it and apply it in your investigation.
You can go to to take a reference of the others' survey.
If you are doing an experiment, please include the following part in your lab report.
1) your experiment plan, explain why you do the experiment, what you want to find out in the experiment, and how you do in the experiment.
2) your process record of your experiment, include the date, place, the materials, the tools, the process and the pictures of each steps.
3) your experiment result: show your experiment findings and apply it in your investigation
You can go to take a reference of the others' lab report.

If you are doing an interviews, please include following part in your interviews report.
1) design the questions before asking
2) ask at least 2 people for the interviews
3) provide a script of your conversation with your interviewees.
4) make use of the interviewees' answers and get the findings.
5) apply your findings in the investigation

If you are doing an observation, please include following part in your observation report.
1) please observe at least 3 targets for observation report
2) the please state the date, time, place, your targets and your aims of observation clearly
3) state your findings clearly, and you must include pictures in your report.
4) apply your findings in the investigation

Lastly, try to use graph, pie chart or table to illustrate your data and findings. Analyise the findings in paragraphs in 800-1500 words.
the design brief (1 Page), design specification(1 Page) and product test plan (3 Pages), . This area is an important part in the investigation and in the whole project. You must include this part in the investigation stage.
For the design brief, please tell me how you are going to solve the problem---arouse people's environmental awareness. Use 100-300 words to describe what you will do and how it meets your theme. (refer to the design brief and design specification)

For the design specification, please tell me your requirements on the T-shirt design and production. State the design specification under to subtitle, Essential criteria and Desirable criteria.
For the essential criteria, please include the elements that it is a must to be on the T-shirt or in the T-shirt design.
For the desirable criteria, please include the elements that it is optional to be on the T-shirt or in the T-shirt design.
List your criteria in point form.
For the product test plan, please include at least 2 test plans here. For example, product test plan is a self check list and the other is a questionnaire. Please be reminded that
a) you should test your product against all the design specification.
b) you should also state the aim of the product test is to see whether the product meets the design specifications and judge the product is successful or not.
c) you should also state clearly how you determin if your product is success or not. eg The product will be regarded as success if 70% 0f the criteria are checked as a yes.(Please refer to the sample for Product Test Plan.)

Please arrange your work in the following order.
1) Cover Page (1 Page)
2) Introduction (1 Page)
3) Mindmap (1 Page)
4) Secondary research + Bibliography (6-10 Pages)
5) Primary research (3-5 Pages)
6) Mood Board (1 Page)
7) Design Brief (1 Page)
8) Design Specification (1 Page)
9) Product Test Plan (2-3 pages)

Design Stage
For the design stage, you are required to
1.. Design at least 3 designs of T-shirts or T-shirt sub-product.
2. Write a description of the 3 designs and compare them among each other in a table.
3. Choose 1 design as a final design or justify the design, color it and show it in full dimension.
4. Write a description titled “final design and justification” to tell me the reason why it can be your final choice and describe the final design.

In your design stage, you should include the following things
1) at least 3 pieces of design descriptions ( 1 piece for 1 design)
2) comparison of the 3 designs against design specifications
3) a colored final design in full dimension
4) final design and jusifciation (describe the final design and explain the reason why you choose or modify it as your final design)

Plan Stage
In your plan, you are required to
1) make a production plan, telling me the steps with time and resources, eg. tools and equipment, materials, in detail. It will be better if you can include any check points and safety concern.
2) make a timeline, telling me the proposed finish date of every step.
3) evaluate your plan, analyise the pros and cons of you plan, figure out any possible difficulties and some solutions to solve this foreseeable problems.

In your plan stage, you should include the following things
1) a brief introduction
2) a production plan
3) a timeline/ flow chart
4) a plan evaluation

Create Stage
In create stage, you are required to
1) make T-shirt or T-shirt sub-products
Create your product according to your plan but you can make changes if necessary.
You should include at least 3 techniques, as for example
inserting zippers, buttons, fabrics, and other decorative components
printing (heat tansfer and silk screening)
painting and drawing

2) Do a process journal
You have to record all your work in create stage in process journal with pictures or video.
State the steps in detail, explain them with pictures, provide the date as well.
All these changes must be stated and explained clearly in the process journal.
Lastly, you should provide pictures showing the front and back view of your final product.

For the sample of Create Stage, you may refer to external image pdf.png Process Journal sample_1.pdf

Evaluation stage.
For your evaluation, here are the guiding questions for you to follow.
Ø How well you were able to use the design cycle in the project – evaluate each stage.
Ø How effective is your finished solution – critically analyze it, how does it relate to the specifications? – list any faults and suggest ways of improving it.
Ø How well did you apply yourself to the task – did you use your time well – demonstrate organized work habits – collaborate with others?
Ø How do you react on the Areas of Interaction (Environment) and significant concept (Sustainable Design)?
Ø What did you learn in this project?

In your evaluation stage, you should include the foloowing things.
1) product test(s) result and analysis
2) evaluate your product and conclude whether your T-shirt successfully meet all the design specifecation in the investigation or not.
Remember to mention the product is /is not successful according to product test result.
3) evaluate the peformance in the 5 stages (investigation, design, plan, create and evaluate stages)
4) impact of the product on life, society, and/or the environment.