Here is the rubrics and instruction of FT Summative Assessment, please take a look. Bring ruler, pen, pencil, rubber and correction pen for the assessment.

Hi, Y10 Trust ! Now we start Food Technology unit, "Healthy Festival Food". The task sheet and learning schedule are uploaded.

Please write an introduction for the unit and brainstorm the idea in mindmap. Submit your introduction and mindmap to me on 4 Sep, 2013.

Investigation Stage

In the investigation, you are required to do the following things.

1) Introduction
2) Mindmap
3) Primary and Secondary Research
4) Analysis of the research
5) Bibilography
6) Design Brief
7) Design Specification (Essential and Desirable criteria)
8) Product test plan

Design Stage

For the design stage, you are required to

1.. Design at least 4 designs of packed meal.

2. Write a description of the 4 designs and compare them among each other against the design specification in a table.

3. Choose 1 design as a final design or justify the design, color it and show it in full dimension.

4. Write a description titled “final design and justification” to tell me the reason why it can be your final choice and describe the final design. Also mention the success of design against the design specification

In your design stage, you should include the following things

1) at least 3 (good to have 4) pieces of design descriptions ( 1 piece for 1 design)

2) comparison of the 4 designs against design specifications

3) a colored final design in full dimension

4) final design and justification (describe the final design and explain the reason why you choose or modify it as your final design)

Deadline: 13/11/2013

In your plan stage, you should include the following things

1) a brief introduction

2) a production plan

3) a timeline/ flow chart

4) a plan evaluation

Deadline: 30/11/2013

Create Stage

1) Do a process journal

You have to record all your work in create stage in process journal with pictures or video.

State the steps in detail, explain them with pictures, provide the date as well.

All these changes must be stated and explained clearly in the process journal.

Lastly, you should provide pictures showing the front and back view of your final product.

Deadline: 18/12/2013

Evaluation Stage

Please do the product test according to the product test plan you developed in investigation stage. Produce a product evaluation with data generated from product test and reflection on your performance on every stage (investigate, design, plan, create and evaluate) suggest some ways for improvement. Finally, write the impact that the product may bring to society, environment and self.

In your evaluation, you need to include

1) Product test results (Data must be generated)
2) Product evaluation (evaluate the success of product, especially evaluate the success of the product against design specification)
3) Performance Reflection in all the stages in design cycle (pros, cons, improving ways)
4) Impact of the product

Deadline: 13/1/2014